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I was 6 or 7 when I was bit by the glass bug. The bug came from an old dirty hippy spinning up wine goblets at the Renaissance Fair. I don't think I willingly saw anything else for the rest of the day. For years I Dreamt of making art my career. In early 2004 I was privileged with the opportunity to sell heady glass in AZ, at TRAILS!! I learned a lot about the industry from behind that side of the counter. Being one step closer to my dream I educated myself about glass any way I could. I read Glass Alchemy's color book, Bandhu Books, actually I read anything about glass. I eventually found time to actually melt glass and enrolled in bead classes at the local art center. Marcl, Pakoh, Ease,bDepe, Ivan B, MNP, Amber P, and Darby were a few of the many artists I was privileged to be inspired by while working at Trails. Thank you guys for paving the way for the rest of us. Selling glass was my life and making glass was my dream. In 2008 I was laid off from Trails and through a series of unfortunate events my family and friends helped me so I could find my dream. I worked outside in my back yard in Az until I somehow was fortunate enough to land a spot in the DC Lab in 2010. The knowledge gained by being surrounded by such amazing artist like Darby, Mike Luna, and John Eves is priceless and has helped me find myself as an artist. With that said, I am more than privileged to be involved in such an amazing community of special people. Not only artists but the shops and collectors. I love you people and hope the best for each of you because you deserve it and that makes it better for each of us. Respect. -Dorian

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